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Save up to 25c/gal plus 15% on groceries and up to 35% at restaurants!

Earn for taking Surveys & Sharing


Many brands understand the importance of getting feedback and recommendations from real customers. The smart ones have found ways to  connect with customers directly and/or partner with companies that connect the brand with their existing users. To encourage people to help them with their marketing research brands or partners often reward people with cash back, discounts, and more for completing product/service surveys, completing online tasks, and sharing brands with others.

A partner that you can start to earn with right away to help with your Christmas is Inbox Dollars. Inbox Dollars has partnered with numerous popular brands such as Ebay, Khols, Walmart, and many more. In addition for paying you for surveys and for completing simple tasks such as checking emails, they give you $5 for setting up an account and a $1 cash bonus for each person you refer plus 30% of whatever your referrals earn!