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Sell Virtual Land in a Metaverse

Sell Virtual Land in the Metaverse!

The phrase metaverse is being thrown around a lot lately with Facebook announcing they are now known as Meta. 

For many their first exposure to the metaverse concept was with the "game" called SecondLife. In SecondLife you customize an avatar and interact with virtual buildings many that were made to look like the real world such as the Eiffel Tower, etc. SecondLife had the first digital/crypto currency that allowed you to buy things "in world." It is still is around and has some great features and places to visit/etc. It has devolved to almost complete depravity in some areas though so be careful where you visit if you check it out. Minecraft is a basic concept of it. Earth2 is as well. Earth2 is based on geospatial maps from the real world. You can buy land in SecondLife and Earth2 and sell it for a profit. Sometimes a huge profit! Some that bought land early with Earth2 have 10,000% or more gains!

A metaverse that you might not have seen yet is MCP3D. It has been around for several years but is growing lately in members and features. There is a version that sits on top of the Ethereum network and another one on the Tron network (BNB network launching this week!). They also have their own DEFI token called $MEGA. I bought "land" in the Tron world a few months back and then forgot about it. Checking back now I see people are building around my land which means the value of my land is going up! Buying land and other assets is the same concept and I think can be called a Non Fungible Token (NFT). Each asset is assigned an address on the blockchain that can be sold/transferred or you can keep and build on. Some people are making money from selling land (or resources their buildings produce). Others are making money by charging rent to virtual citizens to live in their virtual houses, apartments, etc. You can also earn a salary for doing things in the virtual world. If you havent seen it yet you should at least check it out. You can start out by looking at my land in district 257 (buy if you want) and see everything around it.